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Infectious Agent

In That Shadow, Pt 1

Of Speed Of Sound Of Music

Let your head go.  Move it up and down with your eyes closed, the way you did when you were younger, when you found yourself caught in a tornado of noise and rhythm.  There really is nothing quite like it.

Planning And Execution  (calibration flyover)

In modern society the idea of “survival” looks very different from that in simpler times.  More than merely staying alive, this type requires greater resources in order to stay within the boundary of social norms.  Fortunately, wealth is all around.  Unfortunately, it all belongs to someone else.  Temptation to simply take what is needed is very strong.  Take it.  A simple decision born of desperation and need is more dangerous than it first appears.  Running from the police, more dangerous yet.  Slipping into a pond to avoid their searchlights crosses the line into “fatal”.  Deciding to hide where another decides to feed? The end. 

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