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CLOUD SEEDER, S/T , double CD, 2018

Three of us had played together many times before. From the mid-nineties to the mid-aughts we were 3/4 or 1/2 of ACME Rocket Quartet.  Prior to that Roger was a founding member of Thin White Rope.

We enjoyed the company and decided to rekindle something five years after the end of ACME.  Eventually we realized that improvising was rewarding us most for the time spent playing.  We also discovered that exploring sound outside of traditional structures was extremely satisfying to play and surprisingly enjoyable to listen to later. 

The original double CD is a blending of semi-structured improvisations with those that are unstructured.  In the spirit of Holgar Czukay and CAN, much editing was done.  No instruments were later added or overdubbed but some tracks were layered over others. Films were projected during performances.  The soundtracks of which were also recorded and are often included in the mixes.

Roger Kunkel - guitar, various knobs

Steve Edberg - drums, soundtracks, epic knobs

Dave Thompson - bass, virtual moog, wicked knobs

The Sea of Alexander von Humboldt, late 2020

The second release will also feature guitarist/violinist John Cypher and a cameo by keyboardist Max Hart. It follows a similar path and methodology as the first release, yet with new players comes new sounds and directions. There were a couple minor bass overdubs simply because the bass player did the mixing and editing and abused his power. There is also, as before, lots of editing and layering of sounds that, though improvised, were not created at the same time as other sounds you hear. This somewhat warps the concept of improvisation into something slightly less spontaneous but vastly more interesting (trust me, it's true). We also found more inspiration in the sounds of Faust, The Books, Dub music and Dick Dale.

Steve Edberg - Drums, Kaossilator Pro

Dave Thompson - Bass, Moog, Nebulophone

Roger Kunkel - Guitar (1, 3-6, 9-12), Weevil

John Cypher - Guitar (2, 7, 8, 9), Violin (2)

Max Hart - Prophet 6, Oberheim Xpander (1, 12)

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